Thursday, 12 March 2015

Shadow Play

You shone your light upon my show,
Lovingly, compassionately, you watched it grow,
With your tender light I saw the shadows play,
Romances, tragedies, battles, day on day,
The puppet actors I met them all,
Athena, Medusa, Venus, I watched from the stall,
You see they all reside in me,
Waiting for that moment to break free,
Too long imprisoned in their dark cage,
They're desperate to seize the centre stage,
To cast their shadows for all to see,
Accept them, love them, for they are me.

Monday, 9 March 2015


When I stand and gaze upon a bridge,
I do not marvel at its beauty
Instead my thoughts are those of love
Love spans the rift that lies between us
A connecting thread reaching out across the void,
melting hearts and opening doors,
Its warm embrace can even crumble walls
And where love can truly flow,
empathy and compassion will grow
So lets not build one bridge but many
Its time to cast our love further out
If we each build bridges to a few,
a net will form linking me to you,
and you, and you
And as the bridges grow and love is spread,
a peaceful world we'll build instead.

Saturday, 7 March 2015


I can not build a bridge to you,
The rift is too deep the walls too high,
Your fortress, impenetrable and cold,
Shields your wounded heart and soul,
The thread that linked us lies severed, shredded,
Those loving strands we once wove together,
Separated, perhaps forever,
Unravelling there before our eyes,
Dramas, stories, even lies,
We weave such pain within our lives,
Why? To make each other cry?
But within my heart love still resides,
It does not hate, it hopes, it waits,
To heal that rift, that cast us so painfully adrift.