Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The catharsis of poetry

When I started writing the poem below I was struggling to process some pretty deep and dark emotions. I was swirling around in that little pit of despair that we all get a bit stuck in from time to time. What I am discovering however is that poetry is a great form of catharsis, it is my string out of the labyrinth. Each time I meet my Minotaur I fear him a little less. The journey into the labrynith is always an adventure and yes a challenge, or perhaps I should say it's a quest.

I am broken, so broken, shattered,
a thousand shards scattered,
I am beyond repair,
lost in my darkness, my despair,
It rains,
a ceaseless never ending pain,
Burning, scolding, unrelenting,
demon tears forever tormenting,
There is no place to hide,
in this labyrinth where fear resides,
Blind ends, closed doors,
I finally meet my Minotaur.

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